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Ep21 Whole Lotta Poo

Jason D joins us in the Unkempt Basement and we have a blast.  We laugh a lot and have a nice talk about poo, play Name that Crackhead, Mike has a gay moment and there is some pretty hilarious audio.   Get unkempt yourself and join us..   www.unkemptshow.com

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Ep20 Unkempt Time

Mike and Matt get Unkempt in the basement...  and its delicious!

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Ep19 Turn Left

Time to relax and get unkempt as Mike and Matt give you an hour break from your day...

Always remember....Turn Left!

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Ep18 Mass Debate

Time to get Unkempt and hear the audio of the worst rap battle in history, then Matt brings back "Name That Crackhead" and then we get into some Mass Debation... We finish it off with some Ex Machina for your listening pleasure!

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uhhhh arrasgggggg  eeeerrrrrggggg  rrrrr

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On This one I had the time of my life, and I've never felt this way before, I swear, it's the truth....  We call Playwright/Movie Producer extraordinaire Jason Tremblay and talk about his new movie coming out (among other things) and have a blast recording in my new basement studio!   Follow us on twitter @unkemptshow   or send us an email at unkemptshow@gmail.com


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We took over our buddy Tim's basement and he graced us with his presence on #15.  We like to start our shows with funny audio and laugh, and this one won't let you down.  Short and sweet, just the way we like our mens...

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Matt starts off offending everyone and Mike makes peace.  A new segment called "Name That Crackhead" is done as well as another round of  "Meet Your Quota".  We even decide to get into religion and politics, but not for long.  Its an audio induced, fun filled ride!  Rate and Review and keep us going..

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Ep13 Meet Your Quota

Ep. 13 is here and we have a new segment/game called "Meet Your Quota"  Matt tries to guess who said 5 quotes, but these aren't your everyday quotes!  Also, we talk with Your Mom's House Podcast via MP3's.    Give us a try and love it!

A good short one for you.  We had fun on this one and think you will like it, much less be entertained!

Love to hear some feedback...   Unkemptshow@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @unkemptshow.

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